Do you feel your partner is sexually dissatisfied? Want to prolong your sexual activities?


The increasingly unhealthy and stressful modern life has resulted in men of all ages frequently suffering from premature ejaculation. This problem strongly affects men’s sexual intercourses as well as their self-esteem.
Delayer Gel is easy to use. Apply two doses of the gel on the penis, slowly rubbing it in and allowing to work 10-20 minutes before the intercourse. The gel works as a mild anaesthetic, creating a thin layer on the surface of the penis; this decreases penile sensitivity, meaning you will be able to better control your ejaculation and substantially prolong your intercourse.

Delayer gel is suitable for men who:

suffer from premature ejaculation,
want to prolong their sexual activities,
want to control their orgasm,
want to improve their sexual intercourse.


The gel can be used simultaneously with a condom and lubricants.
Delayer Gel can be used as a lubricant. It moisturizes and protects the penile skin. It is suitable for men aged 18+.
Prior to first-time use, make sure you’re not allergic to any of Delayer Gel ingredients. Spray Delayer Gel onto your forearm. Don’t use the product, if the area becomes very red or starts to itch within 20 minutes from application.
For external use only! Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep in the original packaging, away from heat and moisture.

Volume: 15ml/51 OZ


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